Recreational Insurance

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Insurance is strongly recommended for all kinds of vehicles; not just cars, trucks and motorcycles. To make sure you get the right policy for your RV, boat, or golf cart, Jeff Kincaid Insurance in Hickory NC offers a wide variety of options and we can walk you through the entire process.

Golf Cart Insurance Services

Golf carts use outside of the golf course is on the rise as many communities are filled with an abundance of golf cart operators. Being out on a golf cart more often now presents more chances for injury. The most common cause of golf cart injuries come from passengers hanging their limbs outside of the cart. Rollovers are also a common problem which can lead to injuries.

Protecting yourself is important and it is also important to protect the actual golf cart as many are expensive purchases. Insurance is highly recommended for golf cart owners as complications can and do occur; injuries and damages can wind up being quite expensive. Jeff Kincaid Insurance works with a host of golf cart insurance carriers who provide excellent packages to safeguard your investment.

Boating Insurance Services

Operating a boat is a different kind of discipline and the open waters afford their own types of special opportunities for disaster. Boat liability coverage is available and protects operators from damaging another boat or injuring another passenger or operator. Boating can be risky and that goes beyond just collisions; such risks include theft, sinking, storm damage, capsizing and explosions. Boat insurance also protects the items on a boat like electric trolling motors, canopies, life preservers and more.

Boat trailers are another item that can be covered by specific insurance policies. Emergency assistance is also an important component to consider when selecting an insurance policy. Wreck removal is one more area that can be addressed. Finding the right boat insurance carrier and policy protects you in a numerous amount of ways.

Recreational Vehicle Services

Recreational vehicles can be of the motorized or towable variety. There are a lot of differentiating factors that go into choosing the right insurance policy for your RV. Some are essentially a home on wheels and there can be a complicated set of variable to consider for coverage. The same problems that exist in a home and with a vehicle could all affect an RV owner. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure you are covered wherever possible.

Whether you are on land or in water, it is important to make sure you are protected when something goes awry. Damages don’t have to cost you a fortune as long as you have the right insurance policy working for you. Jeff Kincaid Insurance can match you with a policy that protects you and your boat, recreational vehicle or golf cart from every type of potential disaster or loss.

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