Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Services Available In Hickory NC with Jeff KincaidInsure Your Motorcycle in Hickory NC

Jeff Kincaid Insurance in Hickory NC is ready to help motorcycle operators get the best insurance policies at the most affordable rates. Choosing the right policy from the right provider often is made easier when there is some previous insight. Jeff Kincaid has plenty of experience working with the top carriers to provide motorcycle insurance clients with the most affordable rates and each client can customize their policy to fit his or her exact needs.

Wide Selection of Coverage

There is a multitude of options to choose from for motorcycle operators who are looking to protect themselves out on the road. Certain types of coverage fit certain types of motorcycle operators and here’s a look at some of the various insurance coverage options offered:

  • Bodily Injury Liability

    This covers expenses that result from injuries suffered by other people while a motorcycle operator is at fault. This can also extend to injuries suffered by the passenger on a motorcycle.

  • Passenger Liability

    This is specific to any passengers riding on your motorcycle and covers any medical expenses they may accumulate as a direct result of a motorcycle accident.

  • Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

    These policies cover any damage to your motorcycle. Collision covers damages caused by an accident while comprehensive motorcycle insurance includes any type of damages, such as vandalism or theft.

  • Medical Payments

    This policy takes care of the payment of any medical out-of pocket payments that stem from a motorcycle accident. These are meant to include ambulance fees, hospital costs, prescription costs and more.

There is an ample amount of discount and rewards programs available through numerous motorcycle insurance companies. These programs will help lower the cost of a motorcycle operator’s annual premium. Motorcycle owners can mix and match their options to provide themselves with the right amount of protection and cost.

Different bikes, different coverage

Not every motorcycle owner is going to require the same type of motorcycle insurance coverage. A person’s lifestyle will factor into the policy choice as frequency of use also plays a big part in selecting the right individual coverage. Jeff Kincaid Insurance will learn all your details to help determine which insurance coverage and carrier works best for you.

Custom additions

Many motorcycles have custom parts, which usually wind up costing owners a lot of money just to install. It is important to protect those investments as well with proper insurance coverage. There is the option of choosing accessory coverage that will make sure all the valuable parts of your motorcycle are protected.

Roadside assistance options are also available and is often a wise choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who plan to be on the road for quite a while. Longer trips are also a bit safer when there is the option of calling for roadside assistance at any time of the night or day.

Jeff Kincaid Insurance of Hickory NC continues to help protect vehicle owners should any kind of accident or injury occur. It’s a smart move to play it safe when it comes to motorcycle insurance and Jeff Kincaid has the right options and rates for you.