Life Insurance

Life Insurance Hickory NCProtection For Your Family

There are certain things all of us need to prepare for, even if they are not the most pleasant events. Choosing a life insurance policy is something that will protect your family members once you are gone. Jeff Kincaid Insurance of Hickory NC takes a delicate yet calculated approach towards explaining everything you need to know about the appropriate life insurance policy for you.

Insurance Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why purchasing life insurance is a smart move. Those benefits could come in quite handy to family members and some of those benefits are as follows:

  • Favorable Tax Situation

    Most life insurance policies are structured so that there is no tax to be paid by the beneficiaries. Death benefits could wind up being completely tax free. The same goes for estate taxes as well. There is also the option of exchanging one life insurance policy for another.

  • Flexible Coverage Options

    Insurance policies generally have a good amount of wiggle room when it comes to making adjustments. Changes to the premium can be made, initiating an increase or decrease. There is also the option of adjusting death benefits.

  • Financial Security

    A whole life insurance policy provides the opportunity to build equity. As a policy matures, there is a cash value assigned to it. That cash value is considered to be an asset while the policy holder is still alive. It can be used as collateral. This can help improve the current financial situation of a policy holder.

A life insurance policy can be a complicated matter and it is important to have an experienced professional by your side when weighing the decisions. Some policy holders may choose for accelerated death benefits, particularly those who are terminally ill. Proof of sound health is another area to take into consideration when dealing with certain carriers. There are an abundance of facts, figures and choices to sort through when putting together a life insurance policy that meets your needs.

Jeff Kincaid Insurance will explain every part of the process to make it  as easy as possible for you. This includes the following components:

  • Reviewing Your Current Insurance Situation

    This is necessary before we  can decide on how much coverage is needed or required. How much income you currently provide is just one crucial piece of information in this part of the process.

  • Evaluating The Right Policy For You

    This stage includes figuring out a premium you can afford while also calculating how quickly your cash value can increase and how well you are covered for the areas you need.

  • Explain your policy thoroughly

    There are renewal policies available to you as well as variances in yearly premiums. It is important to go through the specifics of each policy and thoroughly understand all the details.

When the time comes to decide on a life insurance policy, let an expert guide you through what can be a difficult process. Wth Jeff Kincaid, we simplify your experience by making all the details clear and concise.

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