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Commercial businesses are not built with the intention of losing money. For any of them to thrive, there is a need for production and growth. Neither of those two things can happen if a commercial business is not properly protected. That is why commercial insurance is a necessity in this day and age. Jeff Kincaid Insurance in Hickory NC aims to protect businesses of all kinds by providing a wealth of options when it comes to commercial insurance.

Liability Coverage For Your Business

  • Products – Liability issues extend to a variety of areas, the first of which is products. Should one of your products or services fail to meet a customer’s expectations, there is the possibility that they will attempt to bring a grievance to court. Hiring an attorney and paying for a legal defense could be costly, although commercial insurance covers those costs and even addresses an eventual payout should it occur.
  • Premises – At any given time, someone could experience a slip and fall at your place of business. The finger of blame immediately points to the owner as medical bills along with pain and suffering could demand lofty payouts. The right commercial liability insurance will protect owners from letting one slip and fall put them into bankruptcy. With so many people looking to make a quick buck, it is a necessity for business owners to invest in this kind of commercial liability insurance.
  • Cyber – Theft no longer has to involve the taking of actual products. It can now include stealing highly sensitive information. Most businesses keep all their records on computers, leaving an open window for hackers to steal private information. If a theft of this nature occurs, businesses can be protected through commercial liability insurance.

Fleet Auto Insurance Coverage

Laws regarding individual auto insurance differ from that of commercial auto insurance. There is no individual owner of an insurance policy with fleet coverage. It applies to the company as there are differences within the collision coverage and other areas of fleet auto insurance. Companies can add all off its drivers to its fleet policy, and that even applies to companies with a minimal amount of drivers.

There is also the option of adding truck equipment coverage to your fleet policy. Trucks tend to log lots of miles, which means it is wise to acquire the best protection against all the unforeseeable events that could happen out on the open road. Not only are your drivers covered, but so is your actual fleet of vehicles.

Employee Issues

When employees are dissatisfied with their current state of employment, it could cause problems that end up in a lawsuit. These lawsuits could be based upon such things as wrongful termination, ageism or any other types of discrimination. Make sure your business is covered in the event of any employee disputes with commercial insurance.

At Jeff Kincaid Insurance, we discuss the details of your business and make recommendations on how to protect it with the right kind of commercial insurance. It helps to have an experienced professional pointing you in the right direction and Jeff Kincaid Insurance in Hickory NC is ready to put our expertise to work for you.

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it is a necessity for business owners to invest in this kind of commercial liability insurance